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Fashion Hotel Partners with SK Energy Shots


The Strand Hotel NYC has partnered with SK Energy shots, an energy shot conceived by one of music industry’s eminent artists, entrepreneurs and humanitarians, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. 50 Cent created SK Energy shots to be a better source of energy, leaving out common controversial industry ingredients like taurine, guarana and ginseng and adding in beneficial ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins. And with a unique give back component, every energy shot sold provides a meal to a hungry child through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). To date, SK Energy Shots has provided millions of meals through the WFP. 50 Cent and Chris Clarke have set a goal of providing over 1 billion meals within the next five years and are well on their way to achieve this goal. The partnership of The Strand and SK Energy was announced by Chris Clarke, Founder and CEO of SK Energy and John Loizos, General Manager of the Strand Hotel NYC.

The hotel now offers SK Energy Shots in each of its 176 guestrooms and guests have the option of receiving a ‘wake-up’ call from Mr. Jackson himself. The Strand Hotel will host a series of events at the Top of the Strand, sponsored by SK Energy shots. These events are meant to generate awareness of not just the energy shot, but the greater mission of SK of fighting world hunger. Co-founder 50 Cent will help support these SK Energy events.

“When the mission of SK Energy was made known to me, it was clear that as a hotel organization we were in the unique position to help,” said John Loizos, General Manager, The Strand Hotel NYC. “As hosts to travelers from all over the world, we are spreading the word of the plight of human beings in underdeveloped nations. An opportunity to step up and impact the life of a child and family is an amazing feeling. Not to mention, we pride ourselves on the brands and products we offer our clients and SK Energy Shots are better than other energy products out there because they have great ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins and they really work.”

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2013 #SK Energy On The Move…


Hello World,

This is the last day of January 2013 when you reflect back 30 days ago we all said Happy New Year.

When you continue to grow toward positive changes ahead, take a look at everything good that happen in this month, and say thank you.

What’s good about the beginning of the year, you can refresh your mind into energy of a motivational movement Feed a Billion…#SK All Day!

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SK Energy Making It Happen….


You will never feel anything but, the positive energy in the SK Energy Drink.

You captivate a smile a burst of energy that continues to keep your mind right in a positive direction in life.

This is how you motivate your mind keeping it right with positive energy.


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SK Energy Going Strong….Pure Positivity


Here is the beginning of SK Energy Empire Going Strong. #SK

In September 2011, Jackson publicly committed to donating one billion meals to the World Food Program over five years. If he reaches this goal, Jackson would become the 20th largest donor to the organization. Each meal is covered by a 10 cent donation to the World Food Program for each shot purchased. He had already donated 3.5 million meals between the launch in September 2011 and January 2012.

In 2013 SK Energy is on the rise bringing people together, exploring all options, for something stronger than you have ever seen in a energy drink. That’s Pure Positive Energy.

Street King was rebranded as “SK Energy” in Summer 2012. Street King has been marketed heavily over social media, including videos with Pauly D and Joan Rivers. Along with other celebrities bringing their talents into the inner circle of SK Energy.

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2013 SK Inner Circle


The SK Inner Circle Is Representing A Team That Will Give You Insight Of Loyalty, Dedication, And Hard Work….

This Will Be About Feed A Billion In Africa With UN Food Programme.

You Will Learn Something…#SK

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Meeting 50 Cent


January 19, 2013 is a day to remember Formula 50 Book is a must read. I’m enjoying the day to sit back and read about all the positivity in this man the call 50 Cent. His world is an open book to new challenges and I’m enjoying life to the fullest.

Thank you for such an intriguing opportunity to shake your hand.

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50 Cent On His Way To The Big Apple….


Promoting his latest book and being dedicated to all his responsibilities at once. This is a time to be on point about what your doing and how your doing it. That’s style and grace 50′ portrays positive moves throughout his career.

Formula 50 is coming to Barnes & Noble located on 5th Avenue in New York City is becoming a time in all of 50 Cents fans lives to appear and step up and become apart of the energy.

Go get your copy I’m on the plan and it really works exercise, meditation, commitment is about to improve your 2013 look. Stay focus

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