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Hello world!

Kecia Ke from New York, NY

The known entrepreneur 50 cent has worked to make the motivaton come out into every Country, State, and to unite everyone in the fight against people being hungry in Africa.

I have joined forces as a writer/artist with the Inner Circle #SK movement to input my voluntary work into a new exploration of a movement to continue in helping people troughout the world.

This is an effort to see the potential come out into the universe as we explore the great opportunties on the horizon that is yet to come.

My point is to stay focus and give an opportunity for any answers or questions on the arise to be answered as we the Inner Circle Movement make it our goal to see that it happens.

The Inner Circle #SK movement comes from all across the United States of  America and we stand for our rights and our freedom to see that there are no hungry people throughout the world come join us in this collaborating movement with 50 Cent.

Thank you, the choice is yours stand up!

This entry was posted on May 19, 2012.