You Can’t Keep A Good Sistah Down…


Hello World,

Moving forward into a zone where life is good and it has it’s challenges’. That will either make you stand still or stay focus on the grind with a positive mind.

No turning back it’s just a time to move forward with no distractions keeping the feelings in order. That is what life’s about moving into a direction of positive reflections.

Let life work for you and not against you holding your head up in a motivation that leaves you working towards success and not aggregation. Never let things hold you back stay up on your health, your spiritual connection in life.

You Can’t Keep A Good Sistah Down, That’s Right & Have A Wonderful Life. Keep Your Mind Right.

This entry was posted on August 19, 2013.

The Law Of Attraction & Your Reaction’s…


Reflecting back when I was 25 years old yes, I was bold, cold, and full of soul. Looking at how life took me for a loop who would of ever new what changes I would go through. I grew up around people but, I never knew them to be in my life or as my equal it was like writing my first sequel…

Times changing my life had made a positive commitment at 32 years old. I decided to get a Bachelors’ Degree it felt so good, a piece of paper that made me choose my goals. A situation no toss or turns, I felt the realization because I made it with no hesitation. I needed to learn, I needed to earn, and that’s my supply to my life, while other’s wanted to see me burn.

When 38 years old came around in my life I received my Master’s Degree. Feeling high on the adrenaline of staying focus on my dreams and yes, I did scream with glee that was such a wonderful feeling inside of me.

My happiness was all about me and how I achieved what I needed to do. staying focus while collecting the cheese. I was honored to keep feeling the need to succeed. What I didn’t expect was the unexpected. Receiving negativity that was the energy, I received from people that I didn’t know that was a blow, and it was so cold.

Realizing being told on a job I worked on for 15 years your degree doesn’t mean anything. That was not only a disappointment, it felt like the people the remark made I was being singled out as a phase. That was my day to continue to pray and pay those who don’t respect me with no signs of fear. I knew that I had to achieve to receive more but, I wasn’t the right person, age, or color; that was nothing that I hoped for.

As I look at my reflections of 25 to 49 that was 24 years ago, I know it was time to grow. The law of attraction taught me wisely and the law of attraction continues to remind me. I have the power to do what I want to do because I was told, “that everything that I do, is inside of you.” I’m taking that as a lesson and plan, because life is wonderful and my choices are in demand.

Grateful and thankful with gratitude is my attitude.

This entry was posted on August 10, 2013.

Believe In Your Dreams…


Dream about what your plans are for the future. Why not plan ahead and organize what you want to happen in your life.

Make yourself happy….Smile before you go to sleep when you find yourself waking up to a pleasant moment that’s because of your dreams are positive & full of happiness.

Stay in a mood that keeps you happy circulating with joy and believe all things are possible. Dream, believe, & achieve.

This entry was posted on August 9, 2013.


This entry was posted on August 9, 2013.

Friends & Foes It’s Time To Move On…


Life lessons have twist & turns sometimes you learn or sometimes you burn.

Friends how many of us have them? Who remains to be a friend, that remains to be seen, at the very end. You learn from your mistakes, then you have miserable friends & foes working to keep you down. Their having people laugh at you like your the clown all so, you can wear the frown. Little do they know, your on your toes paying attention to the name saker’s & faker’s, and the befriending ways that come across your path.

You have to stay focus because some people jobs are to drive you insane and use you to be the blame. I guess it would be easy to find a scape goat then someone who isn’t use to holding their own. I have worked all my life to find out that all my life people I know, and don’t know, along with friends and foes, have done nothing but, degrade me. Their spirits could feel lifted higher than mine so, they feeling high on their shine laughing at me from behind.

I just pray and I believe there is an almighty God. Through the darkness and the light he guides me through this day and night. When I wake up I’m feeling good, and feeling stronger than ever, with an appetite. You can’t change anyone but, yourself. I had to let a lot of my so called friends and family go on about their business; talking about me behind my back with no empathy, just stabbing me constantly. I can’t change what they do but, I can identify who I am and what I do. That’s being true to myself and nobody else.

I’m moving forward and saying so long to all those friends who, I let into my life. Who smiled and pretended but, was really uptight. There was a reason throughout every season for me to continue on my journey. While I will never understand why some of them worked towards bringing me down. There was no love lost just a choice. To let go of what wasn’t going to be and that was loyalty & a true friend to me.

This entry was posted on August 9, 2013.