My Love Is Stronger Than What You Think About Me & What You Think Doesn’t Matter!


When I feel the breeze of the air that I breath it refreshes me into a world that captivates me while sitting and writing all alone.

What you think about me is your opinion it isn’t factual it isn’t written unless…it’s written to defame my character and what I represent…it’s all good for you but, it’s all bad for me. In time we will see if it’s a envy, jealousy, or deceit that’s the key to open the door’s and then we will see.

Learning to love me more wasn’t a challenge I was just nice to people but, I learned to be nicer to myself. Enjoying what I like to do when I’m not working. There aren’t any children there isn’t anyone holding me back. All my friends have gone on to do things in their lives either with a melody or with a sad song.

Life has it’s purpose it taught me well. I give myself the E for effort. The C for creating and the B for believing in myself and what I want to achieve like anyone else. That is my expectations to continue loving stronger than what you may think about me because it really doesn’t matter what you think at all.

Love is the word if you haven’t already heard the attraction, the reactions, the frequency it’s all inside of me, and that’s the key; to keep it moving on in this reality of life which is called love.

This entry was posted on August 9, 2013.

Stay Up! & Believe


Dear Friend,

The road and the path that we choose is our own destiny. We laugh, smile, and sometimes we fall in love. How do we distinguish who’s right for us or who should be apart of us. That’s the talent thought out life’s circumstances.

When you make statement’s and look back at what you said, then you realize you should of taken your first thought as your solid motivation. The reason I say that is because you always know what’s right or wrong for you; because you, feel it inside of you.

Keep calm & believe always that no matter what you will continue to stay strong. Friends don’t leave there just not understanding why you allowed anyone that close to make you react but, then again sometimes those things do happen.

Stay Up!

This entry was posted on August 7, 2013.

Enjoy Your Life…


Hello World,

Some of us woke up this morning and was thankful for being able to see another day. Some of us wasn’t as fortunate but, we continue to pray.

Being grateful and not to miss out on life opportunities as we reach into another comfort zone of our beliefs and faith in our destiny.

Change is good and uplifts our spirits as we so graciously keep the faith and believe in ourselves.
Everyone have a wonderful day because we are getting older, wiser, and time doesn’t stand still.

Live Your Life…

This entry was posted on July 27, 2013.

Smiling Is Good For The Soul


Keep yourself happy and go forward towards positive motivation in a world of creation….

Staying focus when your meditating, smiling as your concentrating it feels good with stimulation…

Closing your eyes believing in your dreams as they arise always real no fantasy, it’s the reality when smiling with such glee…

Practicing is the key smiling brightly is your belief inside your mind, as you realize, smiling keeps you feeling good inside your soul…

Staying in control while smiling…

This entry was posted on July 24, 2013.