My Love Is Stronger Than What You Think About Me & What You Think Doesn’t Matter!


When I feel the breeze of the air that I breath it refreshes me into a world that captivates me while sitting and writing all alone.

What you think about me is your opinion it isn’t factual it isn’t written unless…it’s written to defame my character and what I represent…it’s all good for you but, it’s all bad for me. In time we will see if it’s a envy, jealousy, or deceit that’s the key to open the door’s and then we will see.

Learning to love me more wasn’t a challenge I was just nice to people but, I learned to be nicer to myself. Enjoying what I like to do when I’m not working. There aren’t any children there isn’t anyone holding me back. All my friends have gone on to do things in their lives either with a melody or with a sad song.

Life has it’s purpose it taught me well. I give myself the E for effort. The C for creating and the B for believing in myself and what I want to achieve like anyone else. That is my expectations to continue loving stronger than what you may think about me because it really doesn’t matter what you think at all.

Love is the word if you haven’t already heard the attraction, the reactions, the frequency it’s all inside of me, and that’s the key; to keep it moving on in this reality of life which is called love.

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