Friends & Foes It’s Time To Move On…


Life lessons have twist & turns sometimes you learn or sometimes you burn.

Friends how many of us have them? Who remains to be a friend, that remains to be seen, at the very end. You learn from your mistakes, then you have miserable friends & foes working to keep you down. Their having people laugh at you like your the clown all so, you can wear the frown. Little do they know, your on your toes paying attention to the name saker’s & faker’s, and the befriending ways that come across your path.

You have to stay focus because some people jobs are to drive you insane and use you to be the blame. I guess it would be easy to find a scape goat then someone who isn’t use to holding their own. I have worked all my life to find out that all my life people I know, and don’t know, along with friends and foes, have done nothing but, degrade me. Their spirits could feel lifted higher than mine so, they feeling high on their shine laughing at me from behind.

I just pray and I believe there is an almighty God. Through the darkness and the light he guides me through this day and night. When I wake up I’m feeling good, and feeling stronger than ever, with an appetite. You can’t change anyone but, yourself. I had to let a lot of my so called friends and family go on about their business; talking about me behind my back with no empathy, just stabbing me constantly. I can’t change what they do but, I can identify who I am and what I do. That’s being true to myself and nobody else.

I’m moving forward and saying so long to all those friends who, I let into my life. Who smiled and pretended but, was really uptight. There was a reason throughout every season for me to continue on my journey. While I will never understand why some of them worked towards bringing me down. There was no love lost just a choice. To let go of what wasn’t going to be and that was loyalty & a true friend to me.

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