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Scandalous Friends Of Betrayal



***A must read book coming soon.

You will not want to put the book down when I’m done enlightening you with a three part series of lies, deceit, betrayal, scandals, where does this lead….you would like to know.

Where your life will be fulfilled with life’s unexpected situations. There is a lesson to learn no time to look back into why things happen but, take everything as a lesson.

There is enough in this for everyone so, you can sit back and enjoy the drama of woman who will do anything to keep a man or just say there with a man. It’s apart of learning who is really for you or who is out to get you.

Looking forward to the beginning of my new book.

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You Ready? Then Come Onto…..STAGE 32.Com


Hello World,

Your ready for some more excitement in your life? I’m enjoying the sites come and move your mind forward into

Take your creative ideas into a new world of finding out where do we go from here. Yes, that’s right keep yourself motivated and stimulated into networking with Actors’, Directors’, Writer’s, Musician’s, etc.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there…

Go take a look it’s something to keep your mind into.

This entry was posted on July 22, 2013.