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Living Your Life


What happens when you find out about the friend who grew up around you, who decided to be vindictive towards you, what would you do?

My life story will be out soon, I had to push my book back but, not anymore. The longer I take the more seems to be revealed to me in life lessons of those who, are revolving around my world.

When you can’t make me happy and your working on me becoming miserable; and I have to find out through friends, and foes. Times up! You will never enter my life as a person of concern or interest so, to you I say so long cause your a fool.

What you have done was have everyone believing that I was this person you created by opening your mouth, full of venom while smiling in my face, so low and so cold. Now that I have found out it’s my turn to run my mouth without a doubt.

Smiling with satisfaction you are expecting a negative reaction but, I will continue walking with my head up! Hater’s good luck, it’s not a chance in this world I will not feel good about myself while other’s make pointless decisions about my life.

Who are you? I don’t really know who you are. By the personality you have I don’t want to know who you are. It’s contagious and outrageous to be in a circle full of negative energy. What can you teach me? How can I mature or grow from being in your circles…there is no nourishment it’s a fantasy that is planted. Your stuck in an environment with no love…I have to say goodbye.

Friends who become enemies when there close to fifty…that’s such a pity things could have been a jiffy. What you learn is all candles get lit to burn everything around you isn’t legit so, it’s time to move on and real friends never quit.

This entry was posted on July 21, 2013.


This entry was posted on July 21, 2013.