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Believe In Better…


Believe in better achieve in better there’s time in life to be a go getter.

Focus on what you want and what you do it’s all up to you.

Stay on focus it’s time to cheer and stay in the realm of the atmosphere.

There is so much to do and so much to achieve all you have to do is continue to believe in better.

Keep your mind on what is better for you and believe your thoughts you conceive, and dream, to achieve, will come true.

Believe in better for you…

This entry was posted on June 8, 2013.

The Power Of Love…


I’m going to tell a story about the power of love…My day was awesome and I really hope that everyone had a wonderful day.
I practice my powers of strength in me and I was tested today, and I write this story because I do believe.
Anyone who knows me, know that my life is my Son, I don’t see him often but, he’s the chosen one.

I didn’t panic I was patient, I haven’t heard from my family all week. I was suppose to meet them but, things changed….No calls, no messages, it really made me weak.
I stayed busy on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, I deleted my Instagram maybe I will re-activate it back now, that I’m feeling good.
Finally, today I was surfacing Facebook, and I noticed my son had posted a message, I didn’t overlook it. I sent a inbox message asking him what’s going on, he answered quickly that was awesome.

My son wasn’t in a position to call me by phone. He became apologetic I was a little upset but, I decided to say to him your blessed.
We communicated for hours he was waiting for a flight he was really stranded and didn’t want me to get hyped. I haven’t seen my son in two years which is too long for me. We are bonded that our respect for decisions we make, just stay focus on the important needs and continue to breath.

While he wasn’t sure if he would get called for his flight, I was nervous so, I just continued to write…
My son said mommy, you have to have patience he was saying he didn’t make it so, he would have to wait another rainy day.
As I began reciting the scriptures of the word I began to pray, God heard my call with no delay…

As soon as I stop saying all the scriptures, my son sent me a message and it said,
“Mommy The Lord just answered my prayers, I am getting on this flight” thats what I heard him say…
“I love you mommy” a tear came to my face.
The last words I said before he went towards his flight, you have to believe no matter what, and I love you very much…have a safe flight…Call me when you land safely…

Yes, I Believe The Power Of Love Is Inside Me…

This Is Dedicated To My Son…Salute Sargent!

This entry was posted on June 8, 2013.